Final Schedule of Events 2013

Session 1-Thursday Matinee, September 12, 2013

8:00AM, Solo Exhibitions
,American Rhythm Single Dances – Bronze levels
8:30AM, Heat 1 – 33
9:30AM, Heat 34 – 62
10:20AM, Heat 63 – 89
11:15AM, Heat 90 – 118
12:05PM, Heat 119 – 155
1:15PM, Heat 156 – 189
2:10PM, Pro/Am Closed Bronze American Rhythm Championship
,American Rhythm Single Dances – Silver & Gold levels
2:25PM, Heat 192 – 227
3:25PM, Heat 228 – 253
4:10PM, Heat 254 – 290
5:15PM, Pro/Am Closed Silver American Rhythm Championship
5:30PM, Amateur Novice American Rhythm
5:35PM, Pro/Am Rising Star American Rhythm Championship
5:45PM, Amateur Pre-Champ American Rhythm
5:50PM, Pro/Am Open American Rhythm Championship
6:00PM, Amateur American Rhythm Championship
6:30PM, End of Session

Session 2-Thursday Evening, September 12, 2013

8:00PM, Pro/Am Closed Bronze American Rhythm Scholarship
8:20PM, Amateur Novice International Latin
8:25PM, Pro/Am Closed Silver American Rhythm Scholarship
8:50PM, Amateur Pre-Champ International Latin
9:00PM, Pro/Am Open American Rhythm Scholarship
9:15PM, Amateur Championship International Latin
9:25PM, Pro/Am American Rhythm DanceSport Series
9:45PM, Professional American Smooth Rising Star
9:55PM, Professional International Latin Rising Star
10:20PM, End of Session

Session 3-Friday Matinee, September 13, 2013

,American Smooth Single Dances – all levels
8:30AM, Heat 309 – 336
9:25AM, Heat 337 – 362
10:50AM, Heat 363 – 384
11:50AM, Heat 385 – 426
12:55PM, Heat 427 – 454
1:45PM, Pro/Am Closed Bronze American Smooth Championship
2:05PM, Pro/Am Closed Bronze American Smooth Scholarship
2:30PM, Amateur Novice American Smooth
2:35PM, Pro/Am Closed Silver American Smooth Championship
2:45PM, Amateur Pre-Champ American Smooth
2:55PM, Pro/Am Closed Silver American Smooth Scholarship
3:20PM, Pro/Am Rising Star American Smooth Championship
3:25PM, Pro/Am Open American Smooth Championship
3:50PM, Amateur American Smooth Championship
3:55PM, Pro/Am American Smooth DanceSport Series
4:10PM, Pro/Am Open American Smooth Scholarship
4:45PM, End of Session

Session 4-Friday Evening, September 13, 2013

,International Latin Single Dances
6:00PM, Heat 476 – 510
6:55PM, Heat 511 – 540
7:50PM, Heat 541 – 575
8:45PM, Pro/Am Closed Bronze International Latin Championship
8:55PM, Pro/Am Closed Bronze International Latin Scholarship
9:05PM, Pro/Am Closed Silver International Latin Championship
9:10PM, Pro/Am Rising Star International Latin Championship
9:10PM, Amateur Pre-Champ International Latin
9:20PM, Pro/Am Closed Silver International Latin Scholarship
9:35PM, Pro/Am Open International Latin Championship
9:45PM, Pro/Am International Latin DanceSport Series
9:45PM, Amateur under 21 International Latin Championship
9:55PM, Pro/Am Open International Latin Scholarship
10:15PM, Open Professional American Rhythm
10:30PM, Professional International Ballroom
11:10PM, End of Session

Session 5-Saturday Matinee, September 14, 2013

,Country Western Single Dances
10:00AM,Heat 586 – 619
,International Ballroom Single Dances
11:15AM, Heat 620 – 644
12:00PM, Heat 645 – 674
12:50PM, Heat 675 – 699
1:35PM, Amateur Novice International Ballroom
1:45PM, Pro/Am Closed Bronze International Ballroom Championship
1:55PM, Pro/Am Closed Bronze International Ballroom Scholarship
2:05PM, Amateur Pre-Champ International Ballroom
2:20PM, Pro/Am Closed Silver International Ballroom Championship
2:25PM, Pro/Am Rising Star International Ballroom Championship
2:35PM, Pro/Am Closed Silver International Ballroom Scholarship
2:45PM, Amateur Championship International Ballroom
2:45PM, Amateur under 21 International Ballroom Championship
3:10PM, Pro/Am Open International Ballroom Championship
3:20PM, Pro/Am International Ballroom DanceSport Series
3:35PM, Pro/Am Open International Ballroom Scholarship
3:55PM, Best of the Best Showdance
4:30PM, End of Session

Session 6-Saturday Evening, September 14, 2013

8:00PM, General Dancing
8:15PM, Professional American Rhythm Rising Star
8:25PM, Professional International Ballroom Rising Star
9:00PM, DanceSport Series Awards
9:10PM, Professional Theater Arts
9:15PM, Open Professional American Smooth
9:30PM, Open Professional International Latin
9:45PM, Top Awards
10:30PM, End of Session
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Announcement - Event Cancelled

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the cancellation of Galaxy Dance Festival 2020. We have all been shaken and saddened by the tremendous impact that Covid19 has had on the Ballroom Dance Industry.
Like you, we are dealing with the uncertainty and stress of the upcoming months. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts our Hotel will not be open in time for this year’s events in compliance with CDC recommendations.
Our entire team is looking forward to the day when we are all united in dance together. Please know that next year’s event will have double the love ♥️ and heart! Please keep dancing & loving life in the safest way possible!
John, Marianne, Sam, & Linda